Jurassic Park & ​​Jurassic World: first products for 2021

We’ve been waiting for some news on products related to Jurassic Park and Jurassic World for a while, and in no time we were bombarded with new images!

After a massive Leak of images (mostly Render of non-definitive products) The Online Shop La Boutique du Dinosaure noticed the error and removed them, and then replaced them with a revelation that made fans crazy: A new T.rex , based on the Epic Roarin ‘but with a new color scheme closer to the Movies, more articulations and a Capture Gear similar to that of the Kenner line!

The Stegosaurus has also been revisited, with new joints and a colouration similar to what will be seen in the second season of Jurassic World: New Adventures!

Staying on Camp Cretaceous (come on, I prefer to call it that), Collect Jurassic informs us that the new Snap Squads have been spotted in Singapore! Via the metallic coloring, in the photo Bumpy and Grim the Baryonyx stand out.

But that is not all! One year after distribution in other countries, the Happy Meal toys from Camp Cretaceous have also arrived in Italy and, compared to other countries, there will be all twelve toys! They will be available in all McDonald’s for five weeks, with two releases per week in the first three weeks and three releases per week in the last 3, while stocks last. The surprises of the first week are Bumpy and the Pteranodon, the following week Parasaurolophus and Indominus Rex are expected!

Speaking of Pteranodon, it is with the flying reptile that the Amber Collection line returns. The Design is inspired by Jurassic Park /// and the Action Figure will be super articulated! Keep an eye on our Paleo-Shop …

Nanmu is also unleashing its models inspired by the Jurassic saga, starting its 2021 with a new model of Triceratops that will be distributed in three variants: a brown / reddish, therefore with the colors we are most familiar with, one closer to Il Mondo Perduto is…

… This crazy version with cow spots!

For the brown version, a “sick” variant will be distributed, as in the famous scene of the first film.

A Teaser with a rather familiar Silhouette was then shown … One vice that even Nanmu has fallen into is that of just coloring a T. rex green to identify it as the male, aka Buck. From which we can see some details that make us think of greater attention, such as the enlarged throat and the ornamentations on the muzzle. Will it also have scars? We are waiting for new images to find out!

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