TEMPO PROFONDO: The History of the Earth and the Art of Troco

“Tempo Profondo – La storia della vita sulla Terra”, the evolution told through the unmistakable painting style of paleoartist Emiliano Troco.

With over 400 illustrated pages, which will include more than 250 color panels and over 80 black & white drawings, the book presents itself as a journey through the history of life on our planet from the earliest to the most recent times. Special narrators, in addition to the aforementioned Troco, will be Fabio Manucci (researcher and paleoartist), Simone Maganuco (paleontologist), and Leonardo Ambasciano (historian). Those who know the work of these experts know how much care will be put into often overlooked elements such as the landscape, and their immense knowledge of the subject will allow them both to show unexpected plants and animals and to add new nuances to creatures we think are familiar.

Physical copies of the book will be made when the minimum pre-order number is reached, thus reserving a copy at this link will help the project become reality. Furthermore, anyone who pre-orders now will receive a special offer: a discounted price of €38.00 (plus shipping costs with cash on delivery) and a copy autographed by the authors.

For the occasion, science communicator and YouTuber Willy Guasti interviewed Troco in his atelier to talk about the book and his art, of which you will see some splendid examples. check out the video from his Zoosparkle channel below.

You can also follow the project’s Instagram page for any updates.

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