Giganotosaurus: toys and models from the origins to today! Part 3

A few days after the news that among the new dinosaurs that will appear in Jurassic World: Dominion there will also be the Giganotosaurus, we wanted to retrace the different reproductions of this animal. Being more than you can imagine, it was necessary to divide everything into three parts, so here is the conclusion!

Giganotosaurus Nature Tube (Wild Republic, 2018)


The Giganotosaurus continues to be part of various tubes together with other species, even if only the name helps to identify it as such: on balance we are talking about a Vintage representation of a generic theropod.

Giganotosaurus Mojo Fun (2018-2020)

Fonte: Andy’s Dinosaur Reviews

Given the previous products, the 2018 Mojo Fun line looked promising, only to present numerous defects, including a terribly saturated and coarse color compared to the Stock images and serious stability problems.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è MojoGiganotosaurus2-1024x679.jpg
Source: DinoToyCollector

In 2020 Mojo Fun remedied with a renewed version, of superior quality even if still far from the standards set by other companies …

Giganotosaurus (Eofauna, 2019)


… And speaking of high standards, one can only think of Giganotosaurus Eofauna. The Spanish company, known for its attention to scientific research and rising to the fore with its proboscidean mammals, in 2019 decided to try its hand at dinosaurs starting from the great South American carnivore.


The result is among the best existing models of the animal, with an enviable yield that reflects today’s knowledge. Wanting to be “picky”, the post-orbital area of ​​the head has a somewhat strange shape, a factor certainly due to the mechanism of the articulated jaw; the latter still does an excellent job and allows different Display options. In addition, a card with information and a beautiful illustration is sold together with the model.
For those interested Eofauna has offered us an offer for discounts on its products: you can order this and other models by subscribing to our Facebook group ‘Group Orders of Dinosaur Models & Statues‘.

Lucas the Giganotosaurus (PNSO, 2019)

Source: Ceratosaurus su Flickr

PNSO, which has been a constant threat to our wallets for months, also has its own Giganotosaurus. This model has been anticipated several times through Leak and photos from China, without ever actually going out on the market. When the time came, the revision we talked about often made it dated for the time, especially in regards to the length of the head. However, it remains a product with a very fine workmanship and with a sort of characterization that makes it unique.

Source: Bokisaurus per DinoToyBlog

It is also equipped with a highly detailed base, with cracked ground and skeletal remains scattered throughout, creating a frightening setting.

Giganotosaurus Soft Toy (Recur, 2019)

Source: Amazon

Another Chinese company, Recur, has instead focused on a more youthful Target, with a series of soft plastic dinosaurs in which the Giganotosaurus has also been included.

Source: Amazon

For what it represents it is not too bad, even if the pose is rather dated, and it could be suitable for introducing new species to the little ones and making sure that they can play with it.

Source: Aliexpress

Recur has also made Mini versions, both in MultiPack and single pack.

Giganotosaurus Dinosaurs & Co – Super Maxxi Edition (Deagostini, 2020)


Always intended for the little ones, Dinosaurs & Co – Super Maxxi Edition are puppets in Stretchy material that can be found in bustoni in newsstands. The “Giganotosaurus” is clearly a Tyrannosaurus rex with a different coloration.

Source: Rupi Bolz

Ironically, the Dinosaur Card features a more accurate depiction.

Giganotosaurus Predatori del Jurassiko (Sbabam, 2020)


As for the Deagostini, the Giganotosaurus Sbabam is a variant of T.rex always in Stretchy material, among other things rather caricatured and with three fingers in the front legs.

Giganotosaurus Papo (2015-2020)

Source: DinoToyCollector
Source: DinoToyCollector

Before 2020 indelibly marked even the most avid fans of the Papo, the hopes for a Giganotosaurus were based on a Mini Figure which, unlike the others, was not based on pre-existing figures. They are not beautiful, on the contrary, but the red version is particular.

Source: Everything Dinosaur

Then he came … What about the pose that hasn’t been said by anyone? it’s a shame, because the work done in the Sculpt is as always exceptional, with a rather accurate head. This figure was discussed extensively during a Live with Monster Movie.

Source: dinoscream3232

Then yes, there are those who have made creative use of it, but it is not exactly what we hoped for ….

Giganotosaurus (W-Dragon, 2020)

Source: W-Dragon su Facebook

Other reactions provoked the first images of the Giganotosaurus W-Dragon, inspired by the famous final Boss of Dino Crisis 2. The model is full of incredible details and with a characterization of a true Villain (it even has a scar on the eye). Even if it cannot be defined scientifically accurate, it is logical not to consider it a negative point, given the starting inspiration.

Source: W-Dragon su Facebook

The only defect found by various buyers is that, despite what one imagined, it does not dominate T. rex and Spinosaurus of the same company, on the contrary it is smaller.

Giganotosaurus (Nanmu, 2021)

Source: Swrve™

It is no coincidence that we wanted to use this image, having been disseminated as an indication of the possible presence of the Giganotosaurus in Jurassic World: Dominion (later confirmed by Sam Neill himself in a recent interview). In reality it is the usual comparison of the upcoming Nanmu model with the other large theropods of the same company.

Source: Nanmu Studio su Facebook

Scheduled for January 2021 and available in two different colors, the Giganotosaurus Nanmu certainly does not shine for accuracy, tracing the Jurassic Park / Jurassic World aesthetic of all the other dinosaurs made so far. The invoice remains the one for which this Chinese company has quickly established itself on the market and it would not be surprising (even if there are those who hope the opposite) if the beast we will see in the next film ends up looking like him.

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