Triceratops by PNSO, Dinosaurs Series 2016

The PNSO (Pecking Natural Science-art Organization) is a Chinese company that has recently entered the market for scale reproductions of prehistoric animals. It is defined on the official website as a “research institution for scientific art” and therefore deals with reconstructing the life of our planet in the round through drawings, exhibitions, sculptures etc.

As for the scale models, the PNSO has in its catalog mainly Chinese dinosaur genres, but also some more known ones such as Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops. I decided to buy the latter to test the Chinese brand.

<< It has been my favorite since I was a child >>.

One thing that strikes you about this model is certainly the size; it is about 38 cm long and 18 cm high: for sure you will notice it on your shelves!
These dimensions also allow it to be very detailed, especially as regards the reconstruction of the skin. I think the PNSO was based on an exceptional finding (unfortunately not yet described in a scientific journal) of fossil impressions of Triceratops skin: in fact, on the hips and the back of the model you can see large hexagonal scales, interspersed with large round tubercles . In general, the sculptor managed to give the skin a very realistic and “heavy” look, which is accentuated by the folds that form near the legs and neck.

The large tubercles have been called “nipple-shaped”.
What a nice tummy!

The skin on the head, on the other hand, is made up of very small scales, invisible in some areas, except for large plates that follow the reliefs of the skull: a small detail that gives character and peculiarity to the reconstruction.

Around the eyes there are dark brown areas: it seems that some models have not applied the paint carefully, I was lucky.
There is a glossy finish on the collar.

As for the correctness from the scientific point of view, I believe it is close to perfection: the body proportions, the orientation of the hands, as well as the number of toes are all reconstructed according to the latest theories. There are some small imperfections, such as the lack of the cloaca or the horns which should be longer, as well as the toes, but they are venial sins.

On the back there is a whitish wash that accentuates the scales. Too bad it doesn’t continue all over the body.

Another strong point of the Triceratops PNSO is, in my opinion, the pose. Although not extremely dynamic, the right front paw suggests a light walk and the head held high shows a proud and healthy animal.

Massive and proud.

The model is hollow, so it is very light despite its size.

In conclusion, the Triceratops PNSO really surprised me: excellent attention to detail, large size and relatively low price. It can currently be found on Aliexpress with free shipping!I

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