ZEALANDIA: retro dinosaur models (Kickstarter)

We want to share this interesting project by Jacob, a collector and sculptor of retro-styled dinosaurs based in Auckland, New Zealand. He just launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce a range of retro dinosaur models, with the intention of releasing a new wave each year. Wave 1 includes a 1930s Tyrannosaurus rex, a 1950s Iguanodon, and a 1970s Compsognathus Corallestris (a fin-handed Compsognathus reconstruction, based on a French specimen that was actually a fully-grown adult individual of the juvenile C. longipes). These figures will be cast in semi-flexible plastic but will initially be hand-cast, so they will be released in batches with Kickstarter funding for the production of molds and the first batch. They are not painted but are solid block colors like the Invicta figures of the 70s and 80s. The majority will be the 1:35 scale, with anything too small to sensibly produce in the 1:35 scale being made in the 1:10 scale.


Over the years, prehistoric animals have been represented in art and culture in many shapes and forms, reflecting the scientific knowledge of that time. The goal of Zealandia Models is to bring this history directly to you. These models draw inspiration from the rich history of art and pop culture within paleontology, bringing a unique historical addition to your collection.

The first wave of figures includes a 1:35 scale 1930s Tyrannosaurus Rex, a 1:35 scale 1960s Iguanodon, and a 1:10 scale 1970s Compsognathus.


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Transcribed narration from the video:

“Hello, my name is Jacob Cook and I am an artist and dinosaur enthusiast based in Auckland, New Zealand. I started the Zealandia Models Retro Dinosaur project as a way to celebrate the rich history of paleontology in art and pop culture pre-1993, a subject often neglected by dinosaur toy and model manufacturers today. By utilizing 3D sculpting and printing, I have been able to test and refine several figures, three of which have been selected for the first wave of Retro Dinosaurs. These three figures are the 1:35 scale 1930s T. rex, the 1:35 scale 1960s Iguanodon, and the 1:10scale 1970s Compsognathus. From here, these models will be cast in solid monochromatic plastic in a similar style to the Invicta dinosaurs of the 1970s and 80s. With a growing appreciation for vintage reconstructions of dinosaurs among collectors and enthusiasts, Zealandia Models is bringing a unique opportunity to include these vintage reconstructions in your collection. Thank you very much for your support.”

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