Sauropelta PNSO: New photos and purchase links!

When Everything Dinosaur revealed that PNSO would make its own version of the Sauropelta we were surprised: after all, a very similar species, the Borealopelta, was produced a few weeks ago.

Among other things, those who collect dinosaur models know the Sauropelta well above all because of the splendid figure sculpted by Doug Watson for Safari Ltd., a real Fan Favorite.

This Sauropelta however offers a different view of the animal, as the appearance of the armor has been revised, following a Skeletal by Zhao Chuang and placing the longer spines on the flanks and the shorter ones on the back.

The level of detail and the “Life-Like” feel are very high! While waiting to see some live photos, we recommend the Amazon and AliExpress purchase link. As soon as we have more material we will update the article!

UPDATE: Here are the first live photos, including a comparison with the Borealopelta!

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