KINGDOM COLLECTION: New line of busts inspired by JURASSIC WORLD

The Kingdom Collection is a project created by Alex Kendrick and Marco Cavassa (whom many know for his Rubbersaurs), in which the two create replicas of resin dinosaur busts with glass eyes.

Their intent is to give them a hyper-realistic look. They are ideal for Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movie fans, perfect as table decoration or ornament.

They are not full-scale but in a more reasonable one so that they can be collected and exhibited without accumulating space and also making production costs more accessible.

In order to help Alex and Marco make the busts (all hand-made and hand-painted), a team of incredibly talented artists from all over the world has been assembled.

You can find any useful links in the official Linktree of the Kingdom Collection

Bonus Behind-the-scenes video:

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