Jurassic World Captivz Slime Egg

Toy company ToyMonster recently obtained a Universal license for Jurassic World. The first products shown (only released in Australia so far) are the Captivz Slime Eggs, surprise eggs containing mini buildable dinosaurs and battle boards.

As you can see from the promotional images, they are partly inspired by the Render used on the Dinosaur Protection Group site and in the Jurassic World: Destroyed Kingdom Merchandise.

You can also find rare versions of Blue, T. rex and Indoraptor, respectively gold, silver and bronze.

Thanks to the photos sent to us by Chris Raymond Dwyer, we can see some live photos of the Figures, each with combat statistics for a card game.

So far they are only available in Australia, we hope to see them here in Italy too!

Source: LicensinGlobal

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