EXCLUSIVE images of Irritator Dino Hazard !!!

Some time ago a very interesting project came to our attention, dedicated to the creation of scientifically accurate and very detailed Brazilian dinosaur models.
The “Dino Hazard – collectible dinosaur toys from Brazil” project started from a triumphant Crowdfunding campaign, of which we attach a video presentation, and was limited to Brazil.

The first physical images of the Irritator impressed us to the point that we wanted to pay homage to him with a Meme (Mattel, we love you, but we had to do it).

We had the opportunity to speak with Hugo Cafasso, the sculptor of Dino Hazard, receiving two incredible news:
1) After the success of the Brazilian campaign, the project will expand with an international campaign (presumably on IndieGoGo)
2) The painting and mass production of the Irritator models was entrusted to Cheung Chung Tat, whom many collectors know for the splendid VITAE models!
What could come out of such a Superteam? Judge for yourself …

This is a preview of the Standard version: it will be the version offered for sale if the goal is achieved.

The pose allows great stability to the model, which will in any case be equipped with a removable base that replicates the shore of a river or lake, and a freshly caught Dipnoo Fish.

This is the Deluxe version, with a richer coloring: a limited number of copies will be available and will remain an exclusive of the Crowdfunding Campaign.
It goes without saying that we are thrilled with how the project is taking shape, we have rarely seen a model with such attention to accuracy and at the same time so spectacular. We will update you as soon as possible!

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