CREATIVE BEAST STUDIO: new action figures

Preorders are open on for a whole lot of new action figures. First of all, we have 1/18 versions of some animals which were released as 1/6:

Velociraptor, Linheraptor e Dromaeosaurus, from the Raptor Series, with one pair of interchangeable lower legs, one display base, two foot pegs, one body clamp, and rod to pose them jumping:

Psittacosaurus and Protoceratops (both andrewsi and the new entry, hellenikorhinus), with 11 (Psittacosaurus) or 12 (Protoceratops) points of articulation, one pair of interchangeable lower legs and a display base:

Then a box of three Diabloceratops chicks, with 12 points of articulation and in scale with the 1/18 adult:

The Fan Choice (alternate colourations voted by users) Triceratops “Steelhorn” (repaint of the 1/18 adult):

And the Fan Choice Medusaceratops which we wrote about here:

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