ANCESTORS is a new independent company that is producing limited-edition prehistoric models, both accurate and inspired by pop culture. They released an accurate Mosasaurus last year, and a pre-sale is currently going on until the end of February for Edmontosaurus annectens. It’s worth mentioning that it’s a very interesting choice, mainly because the species that usually gets the spotlight is E. regalis, which is often marketed as a great companion for Tyrannosaurus rex even if, unlike E. annectens, it doesn’t belong to Hell Creek Formation and therefore didn’t coexist with T.rex.

The model includes speculative tissues based on the “mummified” E. regalis, such as the head comb, with the idea that E. Annectens could have had them too, and it’s meant to be in scale with other 1/35 figures.
The color scheme is inspired by the Anatotitan from Walking with Dinosaurs.

This model is part of the ANCESTORS Archosaur line and includes the head of the hadrosaur Velafrons. Subsequent releases will include more pieces of this dinosaur so that one can complete it.

The company’s main page/contact is Instagram.
You can order the figures from THE GUANLONG STORE on Facebook.

Price: $90 Pre-sale: $25
A minimum of 10 pre-sales are needed; if the goal is not achieved, your money will be returned.
the $25 pre-sale price is also a discount, so if you preorder the model the final price is $65 instead of $90.

If the pre-sale is successful, shipments could hopefully go out before the end of February.


  1. Hello, My name is George Rhodes, in Plantation, Florida, in the USA. With the help of Andy, of Andy’s Dinosaur Reviews, I recently ordered a Patrick the Edmontosaurus Annectens model. It is a beautiful model! I sent my $25.00 deposit to you through Paypal. Andy says my Edmontosaurus will be #29. I understand that it will take some time for the model to be produced. No rush, I’m just asking…Do you have an estimate, as to when I might be able to expect my Edmontosaurus model to be completed? Also, I would greatly appreciate it, if you would please send me confirmation that you have received my order and deposit. Thank you kindly for your time and consideration. Yours truly, George Rhodes

    • Hi George, have you contacted Ancestors Models? We are not selling the models, so you should go to the links in the article.

  2. Looking for an Giant Hadrosaurid that looks realistic and which is fit to be presented for educational purposes.

    Problem is I struggle an Market that has Patrick in stock so I hope You People could help Me?

    • Try contacting Ancestors Models, the work on the first wave is now finished and they’re working on the others.


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