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Mesozoica is a company that is developing various vintage models of dinosaurs, inspired by the films of Ray Harryhausen and Disney’s Fantasia. We contacted Manager Marcos Rocha, who kindly accepted our invitation to be interviewed by Mattyonyx.

MATTYONYX: Hi Marcos, Welcome to Paleo-Nerd! First of all, could you please introduce yourself to our fans and describe the Mesozoic project?

MARCOS: The goal of Mesozoica is to bring Vintage-inspired works to collectors and dinosaur lovers, representations that haven’t been on the market lately. Most of us have older representations and seeing these are no longer accepted today, it is something we have in our memory. We have seen very well done representations in books and movies, but at the time we never found models for sale that reflected their charm. This is our idea: who has never seen a Ray Harryhausen film and didn’t want such a statue?

Where does your passion for dinosaurs come from?

Our passion for dinosaurs was born from films like “Jurassic Park”, “Fantasia”, “In Search of the Enchanted Valley” and the TV series “Dinosaurs”. Here in Brazil we had a chocolate brand in the 90s that made gift cards with beautiful dinosaur illustrations, this marked the childhood of many children here!

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating a line of Vintage dinosaurs?

We have seen that many of the collectible models available today are based on Jurassic Park and scientifically accurate representations. We had the idea of ​​creating a Vintage line because there are not many collectibles in this style and we believe that even models from old representations deserve a place in every collection, given their importance in the history of paleontology.

What were your main references? In the promotional posts the name of Harryhausen appeared often, did you choose Design based only on Pop Culture or did you also draw on Vintage Paleoart?

Our main references were the great examples of classical Paleoarte. For example, we take inspiration from the paintings of Charles R. Knight and Rudolph Zallinger. We also use the film “Fantasia” as a reference and several books from our personal collection. Here are some pictures from books and illustrations we used to make the models.

How did you choose the Design to use when more options were available? Would you be interested in making different versions of your dinosaurs (personally, I’d love to see a Ceratosaurus from “Fantasia”)?

Everyone has their favorite dinosaur, so let’s choose the one we like best. In the future we will be able to make different versions! Everything will depend on the success of the models we will launch. In the future, we plan to make other versions of the same animal.

Can you describe your way of working?

First, let’s choose which dinosaurs we will produce. Then we look for references and define the design of each one. We create a Model Sheet in Photoshop, define its scale and decide whether it will be made with traditional or digital modeling. So, let’s start modeling dinosaurs. While modeling, we observe if the pose we choose is natural and works from all angles. When a model is finished, we make the mold and make a copy of it to define the coloring. Then, the production of the pieces begins.

So will the replicas be painted? Any hints on the color scheme?

Yes they will be painted! We are studying the colors, everything will be based on Paleoarte Vintage.

Can you tell us something about the Crystal Palace line? Are you going to create all the species present in the park?

The Crystal Palace line is very special for us! We contacted the “Friends of Crystal Palace” group and talked about the idea of ​​making models, they were very receptive! The idea was born with the aim of raising funds to help preserve the park’s statues. We would like to create more species, it will all depend on the sales.

From what you have shown, the Crystal Palace Iguanodon looks more like a real animal than a statue that we all know, is this something that we will also see in the Textures?

We will actually stick to what we see in the park as much as possible! From the video preview it might not look like it, as it’s not the final model yet. In this project we have opted for digital modeling because we are working with the scan of the original park statue. We also have some pictures of the progress on modeling.

What are the next initiatives that fans and collectors should look forward to in the future?

For now we are working on these two lines. Our intention is to produce pieces that enrich culturally.

IInitially, again to respect the name of our company, we will present more Dinosaur themed pieces, but in the future we intend to present other ideas with different themes that will please the same audience.

We want to address all types of collectors, with pieces of the most varied styles and sizes, we will soon have great news.

Can you provide us with links to your site or to your social platforms?


Instagram: @mesozoica_store

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