Vitae Wuerhosaurus: photo gallery!

Continuing our journey to discover the models of the Vitae, today we show you the photographs of the Wuerhosaurus homheni, a rare Chinese stegosaurus about 6 meters long from the Lower Cretaceous.

This model is also in 1:35 scale (17cm long and 6cm high), and will be released in regular and deluxe variants. The regular version will cost around $ 12.

In this reconstruction, Cheung Chung Tat sculpted the short and rounded dorsal plates, and also added long spines on the shoulders, referring to other species of stegosaurs; the actual appearance of Wuerhosaurus is still a matter of debate, and the short plates could be an artifact due to fossilization.

Like the other models, the deluxe version has an incredibly detailed base, which attaches to the model via small magnets. The price will be around $ 24.

Although the Wuerhosaurus Vitae takes licenses in the reconstruction, the model is excellent, and we are sure it will be sought after by many enthusiasts!

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