Vitae fossil frame: the most famous fossils in your home

Vitae has accustomed us with beautiful models, rich in details and scientifically faithful, but they are not the only prehistoric themed products of the Chinese brand!

In fact, in this article, we are going to see the so-called “fossil frame”, or reproductions of fossils to scale, inside an elegant black frame.

The frame with the Archeopteryx fossil reproducing the specimen exhibited at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin will cost about $ 15.

The Microraptor fossil is a reproduction of the BMNHC PH881 specimen, which helped to understand the color of this dinosaur’s plumage. The cost will be around $ 20.

Another very important feathered fossil is that of Sinosauropteryx, which in the Vitae version will cost about $ 15.

The last feathered fossil is the frame of the Zhenyuanlong, which reproduces the holotype JPM-0008 and will cost around $ 20.

We conclude with the “king of the dinosaurs”, the Tyrannosaurus rex! In this reproduction we see an “ideal” fossil that has just come out of the rock. Being larger the cost will be around 30%.

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