The Dino-Riders are back! Almost…

The Dino-Riders are part of that 80’s imaginary impossible to forget: gigantic dinosaurs armed to the teeth to fight the war between Valorians and Rulons. The toy series is remembered by prehistoric animal enthusiasts for trying to bring scientifically reliable reconstructions (for the time!) Into the hands of children.

Mattel has decided to take advantage of the wave of nostalgia that seems to be characteristic of recent years and has dusted off the brand from its archives with a pack of monochrome miniatures (green for the Valorians and purple for the Rulons) arriving in February 2021 exclusively on Enterteinament Earth.

This exclusive $ 19.99 pack contains 6 prehistoric animals and 15 other figures, including classic characters such as the leader of the Rulon Krulos, Bitor, Boldar and the Valorian Llahd. Each figure measures approximately 2.5cm in height and the dinosaurs reach approximately 18cm in length.

Not exactly what was expected for the return of the Dino-Riders, but this could be the beginning of a real toy-line. Unfortunately, we regret that a very stylized and scientifically inaccurate style was preferred for the reconstruction of the dinosaurs.

We are consoled by David Silva and his Creative Beast Studio who with the Monoclonius of the Beasts of the Mesozoic series clearly pays homage to the box-art of the Dino-Riders.

And what do you think of the return of the Dino-Riders? Would you like a real toy-line updated to modern times? Let us know in the comments!

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