At last, Safari revealed all its 2023 models! Keep in mind that this brand recently changed its release policy and, instead of revealing all the models in the fall as it previously did, now it announces them during the year.

First of all is Majungasaurus, an abelisaur from Madagascar, good company for the Carnotaurus released some years ago:

Then – at last! – an updated Utahraptor! Do you all see how it’s NOT just an enlarged Deinonychus?

Then, unexpectedly, a re-release: Kentrosaurus, a tiny model released in 2010 and retired in 2013, in a new orange and blue paint scheme.

A repaint of the baby Brachiosaurus.

Then, something new: Stegouros, a very peculiar ankylosaurus that was described just a couple of years ago:

And finally, one of the weirdest dinosaurs ever discovered: Therizinosaurus, with its scythe-like claws.

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