Safari Ltd.: Dinosaur Teaser 2021!

In recent days, Safari Ltd had posted a Teaser of 2021 toys at the following Link:

Nothing particularly revealing, but that was enough to trigger speculations (first of all, the fairly obvious addition of large theropods) …
Today, however, 3 blurred silhouettes have been published, undoubtedly belonging to theropods, but which ones? Number 3 is really hard to crack, right? Anyway, Safari Ltd. wanted to give some clues for each image.

This dinosaur had proportionately longer arms than its larger, famous cousin.

This dinosaur had a long snout with a multitude of sharp teeth.

This dinosaur is potentially one of the largest carnivores ever discovered.

As mentioned above, these are undoubtedly theropods … On the first two we do not want to express ourselves yet, while thanks to the unmistakable Silhouette of number 3 we can say that we are surprised that not only Safari wanted to make a re-edition of their Spinosaurus so soon , but who anticipated CollectA in doing so!

What are your assumptions?

Let us know, no we will keep you updated!