PNSO: Sinosauropteryx in bronze!

As promised with a menacing gaze towards our portfolios, PNSO is back in charge with a new wave of Parasaurolophus, ushering in what promises to be another period of weekly releases.
In the meantime, other promotional posters have been released, this time linked to a more particular product: a 1: 3 scale bronze model of Sinosauropteryx!

The pose recalls the position in which the animal remained fossilized, as already done by PNSO for its Mini.

This is a real limited edition, of which only 300 copies will apparently be made!
The Packaging is black with golden graphics, with an exclusive Artwork inside and a certificate of authenticity.

The price should be around 1000 CNY, who knows if it will be available for the international market …

… And here it is, available in limited copies (about 50) on!

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