PNSO: ALLOSAURUS – images and purchase links

After announcing a Yutyrannus, scheduled for the summer, PNSO resumes the distribution of its PVC figures a few days from the previews (just to hurt us), and does so with one of the species suggested by various Teasers: Allosaurus, already available on and Aliexpress!

Although it is apparently reported as A. fragilis the shape of the head is more reminiscent of the Jimmadseni … Nothing wrong with that, more models of this subspecies are always welcome, more than anything else it is hoped that the matter will be clarified.

In the meantime, some live images also appear, including the expected confrontation with Stegosaurus.

Whether it’s a voluntary choice or not, as a representation of A. Jimmadseni it works great! We will update the article with more images and links.

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