Pinacosaurus PNSO: Various Photos + Purchase Link!

After a period that could be defined as “Theropod-centric”, PNSO returns to the ankylosaurids and shows the new figure: Pinacosaurus, available on and Aliexpress!

Among the most particular and best known Ankylosaurids, the Pinacosaurus is reproduced in all its particularities, following the skeletal reconstruction of ZHAO Chuang.

The color inspired by the Moloch Orridus, otherwise known as the Thorny Devil, immediately catches the eye!

We also selected the live photos we liked the most from Tieba Baidu.

Photos on black background and with the Sauropelta PNSO, shared by 魔影幻魅.

Photo of the figure next to the box, shared by 曾经盾盾.

Live photos from a distance and up close, shared by 八神子龙.

Finally, a nice comparison to what coincidentally are our favorite ankylosaurids this year: Borealopelta PNSO and Jinyunpelta VITAE (the Zheiangosaurus, which is technically from 2018, we like the same way)! Shared by 北方巨兽龙.

What is certain is that PNSO does not joke about armored dinosaurs!

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