New T.rex PNSO: Pictures and Purchase Links!

We were just wondering what happened to the PNSO announcements, when the heavy artillery arrived … VERY HEAVY!

Here is the new Tyrannosaurus rex model, based on the AMNH 5027 specimen exhibited in New York and sculpted following the latest knowledge.

The features that stand out the most are the build, massive and imposing as it is believed to be thanks to the addition of gastralia, the body entirely covered by small scales (although perhaps not small enough) and the absence of lips, still a subject of discussion among scientists.

Also this model will have an articulated jaw, a feature that enhances even more the choice not to sculpt the animal with the lips and the rendering of the scales around the muzzle.

The dimensions are also considerable, and PNSO will supply the model of a transparent plastic holder. You can buy it on Amazon and Aliexpress!

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