Mosasaurus Hibou Coop & Zoosparkle, Feat. Sante Mazzei!

Scientific popularizer and YouTuber Willy Guasti of Zoosparkle showed on his Twitch channel (minute 0:13:43 of this video) the fifth paleoartistic reproduction made by Hibou Coop under his supervision: Mosasaurus hoffmanni!

All the models made so far have a link with Italy this Mosasaurus does not interrupt the tradition, as the protagonist of a discovery in Romagna (well described by Andrea Cau in an article on his Theropoda Blog) which makes it the largest Italian reptile so far discovered!

But that is not all! Starting from Mosasaurus, all the paleoartistic reproductions of Hibou Coop will be accompanied by a Sticker illustrated by Sante Mazzei, illustrator for Eofauna and creator of the Stickysaurs project!
On his Instagram page you can see the first fruit of this collaboration, including a video that illustrates the different phases.

The inclusion of Sante in the project is an added value that particularly excites us, and it is always nice that dinosaurs linked to Italy are given prominence!

You can buy the model here, with the possibility to choose either the 3D printing only or the painted version.
The other models made so far are available here.

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