Jurassic World dinosaurs hit newsstands!

For a few weeks, Mattel’s “Attack Pack” toys can be found on newsstands, at a price of € 10.99. The first to be released was Ornitholestes (available September 10), and Callovosaurus has been available for a couple of days. In addition to the toy there is also a small booklet with curiosities and playful activities for the little ones!

It will then continue with Dracorex on October 8th and Mononykus, Dimorphodon, Velociraptor Echo, and Velociraptor Delta (we don’t know if all together or separately) on October 22nd.

And it doesn’t stop there! In fact, it is very recent news that even the very nice Dinosaurs of the Snap Squad will be available shortly in Italian newsstands.

A great opportunity for those who can’t find these toys in stores. We also remind you that all the back issues can be conveniently ordered on Prima Edicola.

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