In-Hand photo of Spinosaurus GR Toys and comparison with the PNSO!

The Spinosaurus GR Toys, which we remember being the first mass-produced model based on the most recent discoveries, begins to invade the homes of collectors. One of them, Lam Man Kin, allowed us to share photos taken of his model, the green version.

In addition to showing the details, Lam Man Kin does something that many have been waiting for: a comparison with the Spinosaurus PNSO, tail included! Note the comparable sizes and differences in overall proportions between the two models.

Another gem is the Packaging, which we can take a closer look at and which among other things shows the different skeletal reconstructions of the animal over time.

It will take a while for it to come to us too … Stay tuned, when the time comes we will be happy to review it! Meanwhile, you can buy it on Aliexpress!

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