From China With Furore: Photos from the GR Toys, W-Dragon and VITAE factories!

Many Chinese firms are now getting us used to truly amazing dinosaur models in sculpture and painting quality. Every now and then there are photos taken right in the factories where our coveted collectibles are born:
seeing these armies of dinosaurs is almost creepy!

The first images are of Spinosaurus GR Toys, available today! From the first photo you can see that when the photo was taken, the mobile jaw still had to be added to all the models.The second photo shows the final Packaging, with an interesting graphic that shows how much the image of the animal over time!

UPDATE: other photos arrive from the factories, this time of the orange version, with a close look at the details of the painting and the closure of the jaw.

Another army that would be terrifying if real is that of the Giganotosaurus W-Dragon. From these photos you can see how the models stand without a base. We know that the wait for this model, inspired by the iconic final Boss of Dino Crisis 2, is nothing short of spasmodic, who knows if among these you can see there is just what you ordered!

And finally, a news that will make many collectors happy: from its Facebook page the company VITAE, which had surprised everyone with its models and then stopped all activities, posted a short video of which we share a screenshot

The dinosaur in question is Jinyunpelta, a Chinese ankylosaurid known to be the oldest in his family to have developed the tail mace, and seeing the finished Packaging can only mean a resumption of activities!

The production of Jinyunpelta, whose prototype was shown bodes well for the possibility of seeing them all, including the highly anticipated Suchomimus.
UPDATE: VITAE has published in a few hours some images of Jinyunpelta, alongside the Color Test of a Therizinosaurid from the province of Zhejiang called Tiantaiosaurus sifengensis!

What can I say … Let’s get ready for the invasion!

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