EoFauna: the new dinosaur!

EoFauna is a Spanish company now known for the scientific accuracy of their models, which include large dinosaurs and proboscidia.

There was a lot of anticipation for the next model and after the magnificent Deinotherium many were expecting a dinosaur. After a period of silence, recently interrupted by the publication of a book on sauropods that you can find here, Eofauna showed the first Teaser of the next model.

Three days later another detail was revealed.

Today it was finally shown in all its glory: Triceratops!

In the description of the photo, Eofauna added that it is not T. horridus or T. prorsus, but a new species as yet unnamed, based on the specimens MOR 3027 (which you see in the photos below) and UCMP 128561.

UPDATE 29/10/2020: An image of the model with an alternative color scheme has been released!

Another great addition, we can’t wait to find out more!

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