CREATIVE BEAST STUDIO: second species of PROTOCERATOPS and collaboration between Gabriel Ugueto and Beasts of the Mesozoic

David Silva revealed the painted model of Protoceratops hellenikorhinus, the second species of the famous Mongolian ceratops. This model will only be available in 1:18 scale (same scale as the larger ceratopsidae, as opposed to earlier P. andrewsi and Psittacosaurus which were 1: 6), along with 1:18 scale versions of P. andrewsi and Psittacosaurus. It will probably be available this summer, simultaneously with Wave 3 of ceratopsids.

Through a Tweet David Silva also announces that the famous illustrator Gabriel Ugueto will create some of the illustrations for the Packages of the series dedicated to the Tyrannosauroidea of ​​Beasts of the Mesozoic. Ugueto shared a Proceratosaurus Work in Progress, which strangely does not seem to be very reminiscent of Silva’s Concept Art. Sign of a possible Restyling?

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