Everything Dinosaur revealed, on two posts of its blog, the latest batch of Collecta models which will be released in 2022. This time, they’re two ornithischians, both Deluxe.

The first one is Edmontosaurus regalis, which features the soft tissue crest revealed by a estraordinary discovery in 2013. Plus it was added the “hoof” from a still undescribed specimen, too. The Edmontosaurus will be 34 cm long and 12,5 cm tall.

The latest model for 2022 is Triceratops horridus. It’s not the first time Collecta realized this dinosaur, but the previous version was much needing and upgrade, and there it is. This restoration is based on an almost complete skeleton acquired by the Melbourne Museum in Victoria (Australia), which commissioned the Collecta model. A special edition of this Triceratops, showcasing the same pattern of the exibit, will be sold at the museum. Compared to the previous model, the upcoming one features a skin texture based on a still undescribed specimen (nicknamed “Lane”) exposed at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (Texas, USA). The model will be 28 cm long and 13,6 cm tall.

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