COLLECTA: Prehistoric World 2022, part 1

As usual, the Everything Dinosaur Blog revels the new Collecta models for year 2022, and each friday ’till the end of November we’ll see a new batch of products.

The first model is Pteranodon sternbergi (by some researchers assigned to it own genus, Geosternbergia) Deluxe, to showcase alongside the 2021 Pteranodon. It’ll be 15 centimeters tall and13,5 centimeters long.

We’re gonna get a new Spinosaurus too, updated with the newt tail and in a whole new swimming pose. The model is 37 cm long and 11 cm tall at the tip of the neural spines, and it will feature a moveable jaw.

Anthony Beeson, which worked on this model, said: “In order to keep up with the science, we have now produced an updated deluxe model that incorporates the new information showing the deep, amphibian-style, tail that powered the animal while swimming. The Spinosaurus has a new colour scheme and an articulated jaw. I have retained the 2015 shape of the sail although some have cast doubts on it.”

The lates product (for now) is a new Paraceratherium, with a speculative trunk. It will be 22 cm long and 14,7 cm tall, a size which “has had to be a compromise between what is suitable for display in shops and for manufacturing.”

See you Friday 12th for the next reveals!

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