CollectA 2021 Part 2 !!!

After the first reveal last week, Everything Dinosaur unveils three more species from the CollectA 2021 line!Dopo la prima rivelazione della scorsa settimana, svela altre tre specie della linea CollectA 2021!

The first is a Pteranodon Deluxe with movable jaw, updated to the latest research and, as the site and the Designer Anthon Beeson himself point out, with the addition of a “tassel” or tuft at the end of the tail, a speculative element based on the appearance of the tail bones.

The second is one of the first dinosaurs ever discovered, the Megalosaurus! The animal, which to tell the truth has never enjoyed particularly exciting reproductions, is here sculpted in a hunting pose, as if it were targeting a prey and was focused on it. It is interesting to note the presence of lips and the closed mouth, in addition to the caudal spines.

Finally, an updated Neovenator, also with closed lips and mouth. It will be interesting to see how it stands alongside Mantellisaurus and Baryonyx!

Neither of the two Theropods has the basis, the trend of last year seems to continue and even if the opinions about it will still be conflicting we will wait to see them live to get an idea.

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