Baryonyx Safari Ltd .: very first live images!

Of the three prehistoric figures presented by Safari Ltd. for 2021, only Daspletosaurus and Spinosaurus were shown live, via various Youtuber videos. A short time ago, the third figure, Baryonyx, was made available for purchase on the site.

There are those who wasted no time in getting it, like Loon from DinoToyForum! We asked him if it was possible to show it to us in some photos, and we thank him again for his availability.

No Shrink-Wrapping, soft tissues in line with the most modern ideas and correct rendering of the scales (no random osteoderms). Sculptor Doug Watson’s research into accuracy is as noticeable as ever!

From these photos we notice some smudges in the application of color, an aspect that as in every other figure or toy in the universe varies from specimen to specimen.

The pose looks really beautiful from every angle. Especially the curve of the tail is beautiful and natural.

Here it is next to dinosaur figures from the same geographical area, roughly on the same scale, and to the Spinosaurus PNSO, which we already know is not on the same scale. As a good Mattyonyx, I can’t wait to have one in my hands to review it!

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